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The Importance of Rest and Recovery for Athletic Development

The Rest and Recovery for Athletic Development course focuses on the importance of rest and recovery for athletes to perform at their best and achieve their goals.


Child Safeguarding in Bermuda: Laws, Policies, and Practices

Protecting children is a crucial concern that demands the attention of everyone in society. This course offers a concise and profound overview of child safeguarding laws, policies, and practices in Bermuda.


Creating a positive and supportive coaching environment

This course will provide coaches with the tools and strategies necessary to create a positive and supportive coaching environment for their athletes. Topics covered include effective communication, goal-setting, building relationships, setting clear expectations, positive reinforcement, creating a respectful and inclusive environment, and continual learning and improvement.


Writing And Implementing A LTAD Plan

This course covers the creation and implementation of a LTAD plan for athlete development. Part 1 outlines the principles of LTAD planning, and Part 2 explains how to put the plan into action. The course includes real-world examples and a quiz to test knowledge.

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